The Overwhelming Evidence that Trump is an Agent of Russia, Part III

You will notice that since we published part II we have replaced the word “Circumstantial” with the more apt “Overwhelming” in the title of our most recent installment.

The Circumstantial Evidence that Trump is an Agent for Russia, Part II

It has been two days since we published our research on Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin as it relates to the privately-compiled intelligence dossier leaked by Buzzfeed.

The Circumstantial Evidence that Trump is an Agent for Russia

This week gave rise to quite the leak of information which has been floating among the US Intelligence community and the halls of power for months.

What will America look like a year into a Trump Presidency?

While many are calling for the public to “give the Trump administration a chance” the Institute for Science and Policy has been working hard to foresee what will be the result of his presidency.

Welcome to the new page for the Institute for Science and Policy!


The Institute has been created as a reaction to our new reality, Donald J Trump is now president-elect…

In order to safeguard the lives and interests of all Americans regardless of religion, sex, orientation, gender, race, or ethnicity, the Institute for Science and Policy has a plan in place to keep the terrifying campaign promises of Donald Trump from becoming the dystopian nightmare.

Our targeted areas of influence include tackling the rise of white nationalism in the wake of Trump’s election; holding the Democratic Party accountable as an opposition party to Trump’s potentially damaging positions and policies; acting a conduit for other groups opposed to the authoritarian nature of many positioned to be in the Trump White House; and to ensure the continued operation of countless Bureaucrats who see to it the government functions via countless agencies which may now come under fire via directors and appointees bent on their destruction.

The Institute regards the proliferation of science and civil liberties to be connected.