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Now it is time to raise money. Ugh!

As with all non-profits, we need sweet, sweet cash from you to make this happen.  At the moment we have a GoFundMe established entitled “The Resistance”.  The name is a little tongue in cheek, but we mean it.  We aim to form a resistance to the authoritarian nature of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump has already made the head of Breitbart, Steve Bannon, his chief policy advisor. Bannon is leader of the “alt-Right” movement, also known as the more familiar “white nationalism”.

Just the other day another Trump surrogate used the atrocity that was the Japanese Internment during WWII as precedent for registering and interning an entire religious minority in this country.
These men are dangerous and must be stopped.  Donate today!

Welcome to the new page for the Institute for Science and Policy!


The Institute has been created as a reaction to our new reality, Donald J Trump is now president-elect…

In order to safeguard the lives and interests of all Americans regardless of religion, sex, orientation, gender, race, or ethnicity, the Institute for Science and Policy has a plan in place to keep the terrifying campaign promises of Donald Trump from becoming the dystopian nightmare.

Our targeted areas of influence include tackling the rise of white nationalism in the wake of Trump’s election; holding the Democratic Party accountable as an opposition party to Trump’s potentially damaging positions and policies; acting a conduit for other groups opposed to the authoritarian nature of many positioned to be in the Trump White House; and to ensure the continued operation of countless Bureaucrats who see to it the government functions via countless agencies which may now come under fire via directors and appointees bent on their destruction.

The Institute regards the proliferation of science and civil liberties to be connected.  Information, education, research, opportunity, and the free exchange of ideas are central to maintaining a successful United States of America.

-Houston Wade, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, The Institute for Science and Policy.