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The Circumstantial Evidence that Trump is an Agent for Russia, Part II

Houston Wade, Executive Director

It has been two days since we published our research on Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin as it relates to the privately-compiled intelligence dossier leaked by Buzzfeed.  Our conclusion is that regardless of the validity of the dossier, more than enough evidence exists that Trump has been attempting to hide the extent of the control Putin and Russia have over him and his actions.  Since the release of the dossier, more investigators and journalists have produced even more reason to be concerned that Trump is an agent of a foreign state.

It has been revealed that not only has Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent hired to collect the info contained within the leaked dossier, given the FBI and other federal agencies his sources, but that many of these sources have checked out.  The validity of these sources is why the information was included in intelligence briefings given to both President Obama and President-elect Trump.  Many in the intelligence community are stepping forward and vouching for the credibility of Steele as well.

It has also come to our attention that Trump’s nominee to become National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, has been in contact with Russian authorities since the Obama administration announced stricter sanctions on Russia in the aftermath of Russian hacking during the election cycle.  This is a clear violation of the Logan Act which prohibits private citizens from contacting foreign governments in order to resolve “disputes” with the United States.

Other information on Trump and his sexual proclivities in Russia has also come to light as a recording of an interview with columnist A.J. Benza in 2001 about Trump’s sexual exploits with Russian women saying, “I was just in Russia, the girls have no morals, you gotta get out there.” Recordings of Trump’s sexual appetite and abuse are already widely known, but now we know that he has a history of such behavior in Russia itself.

The Atlantic this week published a piece detailing how Russian Kompromat works; and specifically the brand used by Putin himself to blackmail individuals in Russia while he was the head of the FSB under Yeltsin.  The technique is a carbon copy of the one describe in the dossier that supposedly took place at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton while Trump was attending the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013.

The dossier made mention that information was being traded back and forth between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.  Much of this is alleged to be through personal contact, but as it was asserted this past summer, it is also possible that there is a direct data link between the Trump’s company and Russian-owned Alfa Group.   Much of this reporting was written off as “not likely”.  The release of the dossier specifically cites the Alfa Group as a financial consortium which has had contact with Trump’s inner circle and also a group that his been largely left alone by Putin because they have kompromat on the Russian President.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has just announced that it is launching an investigation into the connection between Trump and Russia.  Never before in our nation’s 240 year existence has the head of state of this great nation been accused of being an agent for a foreign power.  This is truly an unprecedented moment and does not bode well for the future of the future of our republic regardless of the outcome.